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Religious intolerance in Christianity

Written by Gabriel Baicu
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I can not say, with absolute certainty that the best option for water baptism is the child or the adult, but I can safely say that we must respect the beliefs of everyone in this and in all other aspects of spiritual life. Christian faith is based on their beliefs and not "absolute truths." Certainly any Christian believes that Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life, for them, that is a truth with absolute value. But I do mean to relative doctrinal truths that claim to be "absolute truths."

Latter does not exist and everyone who says that he or she has such "absolute truths" lies. In the Bible, in Mark 16 to 16, says that he who believes and is baptized will be saved, but the text does not exist in the first manuscripts of the Gospel of Mark and hence in the original manuscripts, after which, receive copies were made. The original text of the Gospel of Mark was lost. As there are no other NT texts to confirm that Jesus said these words, those in Mark 16 to 16 must be put in question. We know we have to go through water baptism, but to be honest, outside our inauthentic text of the Gospel of Mark 16; 16, we have no Biblical basis requiring firmly the principle that water baptism of adults is the norm.

Whoever believes with conviction that this is the case and that only water baptism of adults is valid, is a right which must be respected and nobody can deny it. On the other hand, those who despise and condemn people, who do not believe in the same way, have no biblical or other basis to do so and they become the tool of the ecclesiastical institutions that use them to achieve their own goals. Those purposes are, most often, of no spiritual nature, but are institutional interests, the proliferation of religious organizations. The current text of the Gospel of Mark was filled with verses 9-20 and it appeared much later in the writings of NT. Jesus did not say those words, (those in Mark 16, with 16), they were written by scribes who added them because they thought so, giving the whole Christian community upside down. There is no prohibition in the NT, which prevents water baptism of children.

If God wished, such prohibition would be introduced and Jesus would have said that no child is allowed to be baptized in water. But the opposite happens; In O.T. God commanded circumcision of children at the earliest age, when they didn’t have their own judgment to decide what happens to them. Why asked God the circumcision of children without them being able to discern and consent? Children were to join the people of God in a similar way as new born babies, through water baptism are considered to become Christian. Jesus, in turn, asked those around him to let the children come to Him. Jesus did not ban any water baptism of children and what is not forbidden is allowed. Where Jesus wanted to ban one thing, He made this expressly, for example, fornication or chasing after money. If there is no prohibition in the Bible, which prevents water baptism of children, why is this practice that wrong and why the Neo-Protestants consider themselves superior, to other Christian denominations, from this point of view? There is simply something about proselytism and the best way to attract new members is to convince the faithful that they have a vital need to be baptized into adulthood. I think about this is primarily about.

I do not do any ‘games’ for the  institutional Romano Catholic or Orthodox Churches or for the Protestants or others,  when I say that I believe that water baptism can be done to the children and, where appropriate, of course, to the adults. Nevertheless, the baptism with the Holy Ghost can not be done by men, but only by God. For this reason, many Roman Catholics or Orthodox Christians or others    remain underdeveloped, spiritually speaking, and they never have a true spiritual life because they never go through the process of regeneration and they don’t acquire, directly from God, the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Priests perform rituals on children, which symbolize filling them with the Holy Spirit, but this is not actually the complex process of spiritual transformation through which a person should go, but rather a symbol, a ritual, that embodies a reality, but not reality itself. If they were really honest, Neo-Protestants would respect the beliefs, concerning water baptism, of Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants or other Christians and would focus on to the preaching of the need of the new birth, spiritual regeneration, without which none can see and can enter the Kingdom of God. (John 3, 3-6)

     In all cases, everyone's beliefs should be respected and whether it is Roman Catholics, Orthodox or neo-Protestants, all have a chance for the salvation of their soul, through the faith they have in God and not by the moment of the baptism in water. Faith is a spiritual gift and everyone who has this gift, can be sure that this gift has effect on the relationship between God and them and this is true for every Christian. Many are those who are devoted, body and soul, to religious doctrines and religious institutions, but this kind of dedication deserves only God and not the religious organizations or their doctrinal teachings. We do not have to be a good Roman Catholic, a good Orthodox, a good Baptist, a good Pentecostal etc, but we must be just good Christians.

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